Bike Rodeo Deemed a success in many ways

The cold weather kept participation low at today’s Shawano Optimist Bike Rodeo, only 34 kids doing the skills portion.  The Optimists gave away and fitted about 65 helmets which fits in with their mission of developing the youth of our community.  Diane Lohff, Coordinator of this year’s event, shared that the Optimists have given out thousands of bicycle helmets over the years.  They want to thank Thedacare and Nsight / Cellcom for making donations toward the purchase of helmets this year.  Diane shared that their club, with 52 members, hold many events throughout the year that promote youth, safety, families and good citizenship.  Those events include: The Shawano Optimist Mountain Bay Run and Kid’s Run coming up on August 4th.  They also coordinate the Scholastic Awards Banquet at Shawano High School, the Respect For Law Steak Fry, Tri-Star basketball and football events, and a Christmas Free Movie event with food donations going to SAFPRC.

2018 Optimist Bike Rodeo Results

Bicycle Winners:


Kenzie Morstad

Jemma Kaquatosh


Overall Winner:  Charlie Mailahn


Kindergarten and Under:

Girls:  1st – Jemma Kaquatosh

2nd – Kynzlee Arndt

3rd: – Kenzie Morstad

Boys: 1st – Lincoln Steffen

2nd – Jace Mailahn

3rd: – Brayden Martens


1st & 2nd Grade:

Girls:  1st – Cora Pieper

2nd – Brooke Cavanaugh

3rd: – Liz Sanders


Boys: 1st – Leif Steffen

2nd – Derrick Lyons

3rd: – Kian Morstad



3rd & 4th Grade:

Girls:  1st – Isabella Martens

2nd – Danielle Carroll

3rd: – Alyssa Singer


Boys: 1st – Tanner Thiel

2nd – Evan Pieper

3rd: – Joseph Kleinschmidt


5th & 6th Grade:

Girls:  1st – Rose Cavanaugh

2nd – Erin Tucker

3rd: – Piper Hunter


Boys: 1st – Kyle Roe

2nd -No Contestant

3rd: -No Contestant



7th & 8th Grade:

Girls:  1st – Sarah Carroll

2nd – Faith Ugoretz

3rd: -No Contestant


Boys: 1st -No Contestant

2nd -No Contestant

3rd: -No Contestant


If you are interested in learning more about developing optimism as a philosophy of life or helping to develop the youth in the Shawano area, see us at


A huge Thank you to the Bike Rodeo Committee:  Huub template, Ryan Koenig, Michael Johnston, Dawn Clark, Doug Erdman, Tom Albrecht Gary Cumberland & Jim Lonick.
Also, THANKS go out to the following volunteers:
Our Bike Inspectors:
Steve Peterson
Brian Morstad
Paul Haasl
Registration Folks:
Gail Moesch
Robyn Shingler
Diane Lohff
Helmets Fitters:
Jim Black
Ryan Alexander
Idell Johnston
Jennifer Schroeder
Skills Testers:
Huub template & son Lucas
Will Gillis
Ryan Koenig
Jim Leuenberger
Michael Johnston
Dan Mauel
Bill Cantwell


Upcoming Events

Farmers Market Bake Sale June 16th

Farmers Market Bake Sale July 28th

Mountain Bay Run Walk August 4th

Tri Star Football Event TBA

Packer/Badger Ticket Raffle TBA

Rose Sale TBA

Christmas Movie TBA